Recently, one regular consumer of our CAMIA Lavender handmade soap; (let us call her Miss D in the interest of confidentiality) wrote to us. From the contents of Miss D’s letter, we could gather that she was curious about something. When we rang her up to know more, she recalled the following experience. 

Miss D was dining out in a slightly up-market restaurant with her family one quiet evening. That is when one of her lady friends entered the same restaurant. Upon seeing miss D also dining there, her friend walked up to her to exchange pleasantries. The arrival of the new guest did not go unnoticed, given the strong scent of the chemical perfume she was wearing.

Miss D being a natural product user felt overwhelmed and under-dressed- Why doesn’t her arrival receive the same reception? Can’t her natural soap have a lasting fragrance too? 

Let’s discuss the issue in detail as there are a few questions that beg explanation.

  1. Do natural, and chemical ingredients behave in the same manner?
  2. What happens after prolonged exposure to chemicals in cosmetics?
  3. For whose sake are we using natural products? 

Natural Soaps versus Perfumes

When you are comparing a handmade soap to perfume you are anyways comparing apples with oranges. Most chemical perfumes have questionable components added to them to extend their lives in the shelf and on application. These chemicals bind so tightly to the skin that washing them off can itself be a daunting task.

On the contrary, natural soaps have no added preservatives or performance boosters. Consequently, they tend to lose the intensity of their fragrance faster over time. Their fragrance may even fade away completely, especially if they are not stored in the right conditions. Even when stored right, handmade soaps might lose some of their tangible characteristics like colour, texture etc in varying degrees, as they are hygroscopic and are influenced by changes in ambient temperature and humidity. That said, rest assured those natural products don’t lose their efficacy, or intrinsic healing properties though there might be some changes to their physical characteristics.

Conventional soaps vs. natural Soaps

Natural soaps like Camia Gentle Lavender soap or its other variants like Fresh Rosemary Soap, Fruity Frankincense Soap, Earthy Cedarwood Soap or Sweet Lemongrass Soap are all made using the cold-pressed method. Moreover, the fragrances used in these products are USDA certified organic essential oils which are not just aromatic, but also have certain therapeutic benefits!  In fact, in natural soaps the goodness of essential oils, like vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants are preserved to be unlocked on use.

Conventional soaps are made by a mechanical process that uses high temperatures. This ensures that all its ingredients, including infused chemical perfumes, get fully blended into it to give a long-lasting impact. But high temperatures, deprive the soap of their nutritive properties if any, completely. 

Cost-benefits of chemicals

Whenever you use a perfumed soap, you are applying layers of chemicals on your skin. But when you use a natural soap like Camia Gentle Lavender, you are using Lavender itself!

The chemicals used inside synthetic perfumes may smell consistent and even last longer, but every chemical might have a negative impact on the human body and on our senses. These adverse effects may not be visible immediately, but may start emerging after prolonged use. Skin rashes, allergies, dryness, itchiness may be the price you pay for some extra attention. 

Why should you go natural?

When we explained to Miss D the crucial differences between synthetic soaps, perfumes and natural soaps, she looked convinced. However, it is when we asked her the above question that she was left speechless.

The benefits of natural products like Camia Gentle Soaps are subtle and tangible. The unique aromas elevate the user’s mood, from the first smell. Further, the therapeutic effect of essential oils boosts anti-microbial activity, enhances memory, and relaxes the body. Freshly aware, Miss D was almost remorseful. We cheered her up saying she has an opportunity to educate her friends. She readily agreed and said she will continue using her favourite Camia Lavender natural soap and also recommend it to her friends.