Our bland organic story sprang to life a few years back, when we first discovered that organic food simply tasted much better than normal food. Ever since this epiphany, we have been dabbling relentlessly with multiple ideas that could make an organic difference to us and the world around us. Unfortunately, our explorations met dead ends on various occasions and, we have often wondered if we would ever be able to make even a half-legitimate organic impact. 

Imagine fresh organic food sans the jazzy plastic packaging, or organic cosmetics without the chemical adjuvants that extend its life. These visualizations are beyond scope for our conditioned human faculties, and as our learned friends would remark, ‘It will take the sheen off the offer’. Maybe the sheen is only a cosmetic presence; maybe the sheen is a sin you have to live with. Either way, we reconciled to call our organic journey the ‘Bland Organic Story’ because, in all likelihood, this is a journey without the sheen. 

For us, true joy is in seeing the sparkle in the eyes of a vivacious child enjoying its freedom on clean beaches- the sight of dancing birds in the clear sky, or playfully active marine life in a plastic-free ocean. Indeed, this is a journey for those breath-taking views; but unlike any other, the destination of this journey is a better beginning.  

The bland organic story, is an endeavour to expose our vulnerabilities, reemphasize our inseparability from everything around us, and take over our responsibilities. In connecting these dots, we hope to bridge the gap between what we want to be and what we could truly be. 

Food makes the body and, the body makes the food. More often than not, what we consume not only nourishes living cells in our body but also become a part of our physical body. No wonder that scientists have found tiny microplastics in fish, animals, and even human faeces. Logically, and as established by the ancients, what we consume has influence beyond our physical bodies. Haven’t we experienced that the aromas in what we eat appetize as much as they are able to satiate on consumption? Isn’t it apposite then that food has a psycho-hormonal impact even before we have eaten it? Maybe that is why they say ‘food for thought’ after all.

In pursuit of personal happiness, we don’t shy away from causing others pain. Innocent animal consent in protest and become test specimen to provides us cosmetic elation in front of our make-up mirrors each morning. We violate nature recurrently and with impunity. Like poverty anywhere can be a threat to prosperity everywhere, so can be unhappiness.

Once we established the above connections, our bland organic story turned imminent reality. Suddenly, committing a little more time and budget to ethical, organic choices seemed like economically viable options.  

Per traditions, all good things must begin with ablutions. Hence, we invite you to mark the beginning of your organic journey by embracing the natural way of cleansing and caring with our handcrafted Camia soaps. 

CAMIA soaps and all other CAMIA products are formulated with certified organic ingredients. Further, most of our products are cold-processed to unlock the full benefits of enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants present in the original crop. We offer vegan, halal, fair for life, plastic-restricted, dermatologically tested and cruelty-free products. Our aromas are natural and, while they might not linger, they cure by calming you and calming your skin & hair. 

Please treat this as a humble request to partner us in your personal journeys to live in harmony with nature and spread happiness to everyone. Visibility, adoption and cultivation are imperatives to drive affordability in the organic-natural segment. In CAMIA, you have a true change partner ‘inspired by earth and made for you’ so that you can flaunt your naturally beautiful self with confidence!