Ever wondered why doctors check your fingernails every time you visited them even for minor health issues? Of course, the doctor is interested in knowing if you have clean nails but more importantly, they are keen to examine whether you have visibly healthy nails. This is because healthy nails are a reflection of our overall health status.

From the colour and texture of your nails, here is what the doctor could infer about your overall health.

  • Pale nails indicate the possibility of Anaemia, Congestive heart failure, Liver disease or Malnutrition
  • White nails with darker rims indicate liver problems like hepatitis or jaundice.
  • Yellow nails indicate fungal infections
  • Bluish nails indicate a lack of Oxygen pointing toward lung or heart malfunction
  • Ripped or pitted nails could point toward psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis.
  • Cracked or split nails indicate the possibility of Thyroid disease
  • Dark lines or bands running below the nail indicate the possibility of Melanoma and calls for immediate investigations.
  • Gnawed or bitten nails indicate you may be suffering anxiety and might need counselling.

Healthy nails always have a rosy pink and smooth appearance without any coloured band or lines running below them. So, if nail health is so important, the question that begs an answer now is how can you have stronger nails?

Here are some simple ways to get healthy nails:


Like mentioned earlier nails reflect our health. Therefore, our diet must be balanced and nutritious to support a healthy life. For the nails especially, Biotin is a blessing. Biotin is a B vitamin that is also known as vitamin H. It is found in foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, egg yolk, avocados, bananas etc. Though Biotin supplements are also available, it is not recommended to get hooked on them unless it is an emergency.


Nail polish, nail-polish removers or even nail extensions contain chemicals that may be harmful to our nails. The best thing is to avoid them altogether or atleast go for non-toxic, acetone & alcohol-free products. Also, make sure that you moisturize the nails after removing the nail polish or after prolonged exposure to water.


Organic Olive oil is considered to be an excellent natural nail moisturiser and nourisher. It not only helps repair nail damage but also nourishes its cuticles thus leaving you with stronger-healthier nails. Massage your nails regularly with some organic olive oil and see them remain in the pink of health. While choosing an oil, go for cold-pressed ones because such oils have all the natural goodness preserved in it. For instance, you could use Camia USDA Certified Organic Olive Oil which is hexane free, plastic-free, dermatologically tested, PETA certified, 100% recyclable and unrefined.

So, the next time you are out shopping for new nail polish, make sure you also buy some organic olive oil. While the new nail polish will make your nail look good superficially, the organic olive oil will make sure you have stronger nails from within!