Once considered a luxury, soaps went on to become an essential product for routine hygiene after large scale commercial manufacturing started around the middle of the 19th century. However, this also brought into play cut throat competition and a race to reduce the cost of manufacturing soap. This, along with a lot of innovations in the chemistry world led to many a compromise on the quality of raw materials used. Cheaper oils, chemical perfumes, synthetic stabilizers and humectants eventually encroached into the formulas. While this resulted in dramatic reduction of production costs, the soaps gradually became more chemically laden and moved away from health.


Using of organic cold-pressed oils offers great and tangible health benefits over their cheaper substitutes. Cold-press process preserves the natural antioxidants and nutrients of the oil. While the process is surely more tedious, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Modern industrial oil extraction processes deploy use of chemical extractants and high temperatures to increase the yield at the cost of quality. Furthermore, use of all kinds of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that almost certainly enter the oils during chemical extraction gets one cautious of the hazards rather than, excited about the health benefits. 


At Camia, we literally leave no stone unturned to ensure product quality and your safety. This is the result of diligent efforts to source certified organic cold pressed ingredients and mandatorily lab tested natural fragrances and additives.

It does by no means end here. Camia products are also dermatologically tested in a cruelty free manner to double check their safety and adverse reactions on application.


One of the most common tests used to substantiate the claim ‘Dermatologically Tested’ is the HRIPT (Human Repeated Insult Patch) test that involves a process of repeated application of a product to human skin followed by a rest period.

The rest period is then followed by a ‘challenge’ phase that involves a new application of the product. Finally, a skin evaluation is conducted to determine the potential of the product to cause any sensitivity or irritation.

Other than that Sensorial tests, Corneometer Measurements are also performed. This method tests if the soap leaves the skin dry. The corneometer is a modern scientific instrument that measures hydration of skin. Here, they measure the skin hydration/dryness prior to the use of test sample (soap) and also after 1 hour and 2 hours of using sample soap on Day 1.

Soap is applied on subject’s ventral left arm and then corneometer measurements are then taken in triplicate.


Camia brings you the best of pristine natural ingredients cherry picked from across the planet. All Camia ingredients are 100% biodegradable and does not increase environmental load. This requires making difficult decisions at times, but we do not take short cuts. Rigorously tested materials, processes and evidence backed scientific claims is a given in every Camia product!