There could be hardly anyone in this world who has never encountered acne breakouts, dark spots or oily skin at some point in their life. While the degree and timing of these common skin problems may vary, by person, their impact on the skin is certain. Also, some people experience them only for a few years, while others experience them throughout their lifetime. Fully eliminating stubborn skin problems is impossible, but we can surely keep them at bay with Mother Nature’s help. Here are a few tips to manage acne breakouts, dark spots and oily skin effectively.


Our skin is known to produce oils and shed dead cells continuously. This process is mandatory for the healthy upkeep of our epidermis. However, on some occasions the oil that the skin produces mixes with the dead cells that it wants to shed, blocking our pores and hair follicles and leading to whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. The best support available to deal with acne naturally is the regular use of Cedarwood soaps. Cedarwood oil present in these soaps is a natural antiseptic, which prevents bacterial growth reducing the chances of infection. Astringent by nature, Cedarwood oil also tends to
clean the pores and follicles, thus removing the root cause of acne. Scrubbing your face gently can help open blocked pores and hair follicles. This must however be done with caution as washing face too many times could also lead to dry skin. It is best to avoid chemical-laden face creams or lotions to treat acne as they could add to irritation. Sometimes, the cause of acne is anxiety or stress. Even in such cases Cedarwood essential oil is helpful as a natural relaxant, which helps us manage our anxiety better. Hence, Cedarwood soap is highly recommended in the routine management of acne


Our skin produces Melanin which gives our skin its colour. The higher the Melanin produced, the darker our skin. Sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, our skin produces excessive Melanin in certain areas leading to the creation of dark spots. Dark spots could be a result of excessive exposure to UV radiations, or because of hormonal changes, especially in women during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. In some cases, skin trauma like burns, acne or any harsh skin treatments may lead to dark spots. Unfortunately, dark spots take a long time to fade or go away. Besides the medicines
recommended by a Dermatologist, one can always depend on Mother Nature for help. Regular use of Lavender soap is one of the easiest ways to manage dark spots. Lavender not only smells great but it is also very effective in managing dark spots. It nurtures, rejuvenates and calms inflamed skin effectively.


Our skin produces oils which keeps it supple and soft and prevents the formation of wrinkles. But excessive production of such oil makes our skin appear very shiny, which is a  cause of embarrassment for many. Lemongrass soap is ideal to manage oily skin. Lemongrass oil helps tone the skin, by controlling excessive oil secretion. This makes the skin firm, supple and balanced. While conditions like acne, dark spots and oily skin can be managed easily by using soaps made with essential oils, it is important to ensure that these soaps are cold processed for best results. For instance, Camia Cedarwood Soap, Camia Lavender Soap and Camia Lemongrass soap are all made using organic raw material extracted naturally using cold-pressed/ steam distillation techniques. These soaps are further cold processed to ensure that the original composition of the oils is intact. Camia soaps are dermatologically tested, fair for life, cruelty free and packed in recyclable materials. The soaps are free from silicon,hexane, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. Camia soaps are closest to what Mother Nature can offer you. So, the next time you are under siege because of an attack, from acne, dark spots or oily skin, simply try Camia handcrafted soaps, and feel the difference.