Being ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ is increasingly becoming a non-negotiable these days. Most conscientious organizations of today aspire to be a crusader for nature. Social media is abuzz with hashtags and campaigns that allude to nature or the environment, but the reality on the ground couldn’t be more different. In the market, an array of organic skincare products infused with the goodness of natural ingredients offer interesting and healthy choices. However, most of these products are wrapped in layers of plastic packaging that obviously harms the planet as much as they impact our health negatively. Surprised! Let’s find out why you should not use skincare products wrapped in plastic.


Studies have found that certain chemicals in plastic are less stable, and can leach into the formulation inside, especially when there is surface to surface contact. Some of these chemicals include phthalates and BPA which have been linked to health problems such as obesity and reduced fertility. If such leaching happens in skincare products, which are often used over longer periods, it could increase the risk of skin infections or allergies.


Storage and packaging of cold processed soaps are extremely crucial as they are made of natural ingredients Glycerine, one of the main components in natural soaps attracts a lot of moisture, which in turn supports the hydration of our skin.

Therefore, ensuring the breathability of natural organic products is important for preserving the functionality and effectiveness of their components.


Stop for a second to think about the packaging of your hair or skin-care products. They come packaged in all forms including thin cellophane wrapping, liners (that ensure the product is not tampered with), and plastic bottles or pouches. Now consider how many times a day you use such products and just throw them into the trash after use.

While skincare packaging might not be the biggest contributor to plastic wastes, it surely adds a significant amount to the already increasing load. All these years plastic pollution has been affecting every natural habitat on this planet. Due to widespread social media campaigning, most of us may be aware of ocean pollution and the impact of plastic on wildlife. What we don’t seem to realize, however, is how this waste is ultimately affecting our own health & lifestyle.

In recent studies, scientists have found tiny microplastics in fish, animals, and even human stools. Isn’t it time we switched to sustainable options to prevent greater harm to our environment and all the living beings on this planet?

Sustainable skincare brands like Camia are ethical, and nature friendly. Camia’s eco-friendly beauty products are biodegradable and don’t pose a threat to marine life when they end up in waterways. In fact, Camia’s range of organic skincare products is completely recyclable, plastic-free, and made using certified organic raw materials that are responsibly sourced and cold processed. Next time your skin wants to look good, please allow it to look even better, but without spoiling the looks of mother nature.