Miss K was on the brink of grabbing her dream acting assignment. As a successful model, she had walked the ramp many times, and was also a hugely popular face as a brand ambassador for a reputed lifestyle brand. Impressed by her grace, one prominent production house had recently offered her the female lead role for a period drama. Miss K was over the moon, but there was a hitch.

Being a period drama, the production house wanted its female lead to go make-up-free on screen! This came as a bolt from the blue to Miss K’s team, given that Miss K had an image to protect. Someone knowledgeable suggested that with a skincare regimen comprising organic-natural products, a healthy diet, and mild exercises, Miss K would look no different with or without make-up.

After asking around for options, Miss K decides to make Camia handmade soaps a routine, along with the other recommended lifestyle changes. She soon starts reaping the benefits, outwardly and inwardly. Her confidence grows leaps and bounds, and she walks and talks like a superstar already. As shooting for this period drama is underway, the media is agog with Miss K’s make-up-less appeal and her natural acting skills.

So, are Organic handmade made soaps better than regular chemical soaps?

Our skin has pores, which if not cleaned regularly get clogged with dirt and grime. Over time, such blocked pores can cause several skin ailments. The primary function of soap is to remove dirt, germs, and other external elements from our skin. This can be done in two ways – with natural soaps or synthetic chemical-based soaps. Soaps also have a secondary function, which many of us have forgotten (or have been
trained to forget) -Nourishment of our skin with the right nutrients and anti-oxidants. Poor skincare results in dull-lifeless skin, which requires make-up to cover it.

When you apply any soap on your skin, whether organic handmade or chemical-based, they produce lather which reduces surface tension and ensures all external elements are broken down/removed. But unlike detergent-based soaps, organic-handmade soaps differ in their composition. Instead of harsh chemicals, these soaps have natural oils and natural fatty acids in them.

Such natural ingredients may take longer to dissolve in water and hence may not produce as much luxurious lather as a chemical soap does. Most people equate luxurious lather with the efficient cleaning action of the soap, which is highly incorrect.

When chemical soaps are applied to the body, instead of natural ingredients and nutritive oils entering into our pores, chemical ingredients penetrate our skin irritating it further. Long-term exposure to harmful chemicals tends to damage our skin thus leading to greater reliance on make-up.


Fortunately for Miss K, she was convinced when she adopted the Camia range of organic-handmade soaps that flawless skin can be achieved even in today’s world without make-up. Not just that, she also discovered that the subtle natural fragrances used in Camia acted as natural mood elevators that kept her energized for the whole day.

Here’s wishing Miss K great success ahead, and we hope she peaks in her career sooner
than later!